eve’s Answering service


Unlimited services provided include:  Message and Order taking (Name, Company, Number, Regarding, Products, Billing info. and anything else you can think of.)   

Once we have a message, we can Call you, Fax you, E-Mail you (always in a timely manner) or just leave it on your voice mail or keep it until you check in.  (These instructions can vary greatly from one staffer to another.)

We can give out whatever info. you would like.  (Prices, Procedures, Company policies or answers to whatever FAQ's you have.) Of course, we get better as we learn.

We schedule appointments if you have an on-line calendar or in a schedule book you provide, as long as we're updated regularly.  (Wouldn't want to double-book you.)

We can give specific messages out to one person or groups of people who might call, i.e. "If Joe Shmoe calls, tell him this..."    We can even return calls for you or make reminder and sales calls as long as you've had a previous relationship with the callee.  Anything but cold-call telemarketing.

Basically, we act as if we are your executive secretaries in the next room but we are only as efficient as the extent of information we are given.  So we like to have lots of information so we can sound as knowledgeable as possible.

Let’s be real.

Who would want to sit at your phone for 50 hours a week doing all this stuff for $300 per month?  I would!  

Small enough to do it right!

High-End, Executive-Level Answering

with accurate messages, efficiently taken.

Flat monthly rate: $300 for Unlimited Services

Would your company benefit from having a presence in the affluent Silicon Valley?

Let us be your personal virtual office.

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Eve’s Answering Service

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